Oporto SS

Oporto SS


Cook for an entire village in our Stainless-Steel Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. You can use it for roasts, bread, pizza, chicken, seafood or even dessert.

The SS Range comes with a stand and can be easily moved with its heavy-duty castor wheels. You can easily wheel the oven out of the garage to your back yard and start cooking.

It is also fully insulated with 100mm insulation blankets.


Chimney: 0.9mm Φ159mm 304SS polished finished;

chimney cap: 304SS ( with 3pcs metal bar); chimney

base: 304SS;

Housing: 1mm 304SS and make it led 0.6cm to front ;

Chamber: 1mm 304SS;

Door stopper: 2.0mm 304SS;

Door: 1.8mm 304SS with 2 wooden handle, air damper

in the middle;

Thermometer: white;

Brick on floor: Cordierite stone L470*W465*H30MM;

Insulation: thickness of 10cm ;

Color: Red textured powder painting;

Base: 304SS; legs width is 100mm;

(New height 1000mm from wheel to top of stand)

Bottom shelf:1.0mm 304SS;

Wheel: four screws and red in color;

Cooking space 600x620